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Remission ▶ Still Confirmed

About three weeks ago (Sept. 5 to be exact), I was back at City of Hope (COH) for tests and a follow-up visit with my oncologist. It was a routine visit for sure and the clinical reports for my case all came out negative with full REMISSION at the 7-year mark CONFIRMED.

We have been granted a six-month window for the next oncologist visit where it had been a quarterly visit. At this time, the only maintenance therapy I am receiving is bimonthly immunoglobulin infusions (IVIGs). That is remarkable, for sure, given the 11-year path we have followed. More on my new site:


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At this time, the only maintenance therapy I am receiving is bimonthly immunoglobulin infusions (IVIGs). That is remarkable, for sure, given the 11-year path we have followed. More on my new site: ​ CAR T-Cell Superior to Standard Therapy in Patients With NHL + Flipit ▶​

The subscript link above for this post was attached because of its current relevance to my cancer diagnosis (DX) in 2006. The CAR T-Cell breakthrough was not a treatment modality available at my DX nor at COH circa 2006-07, nor during the some 11 years since. However, this therapy now holds promise as the most hopeful cure for NHL and all of the associated forms of that cancer DX, including mantle cell lymphoma (MCL).  ​ This was confirmed on our Sept. 5 City of Hope visit when the PA for our oncologist explained that immunotherapy is rising as the priority treatment, as opposed to standard treatment and bone marrow (stem cell) transplants which was the course that I follo…

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"Human beings are ultimately nothing but carriers—passageways—for genes. They ride us into the ground like racehorses from generation to generation. Genes don’t think about what constitutes good or evil. They don’t care whether we are happy or unhappy. We’re just means to an end for them. The only thing they think about is what is most efficient for them."
—Haruki Murakami, 1Q84 from "The Gene: An Intimate History" by Siddhartha Mukherjee
Physician, researcher, and award-winning science writer, Siddhartha Mukherjee examines cancer with a cellular biologist’s precision, a historian’s perspective, and a biographer’s passion. The result is an astonishingly lucid and eloquent chronicle of a disease humans have lived with—and perished from—for more than five thousand years. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, and now a documentary from Ken Burns on PBS, The Emperor of All Maladies is a magnificent, profoundly humane “biography” of cancer—from its first documented appearances…

Canswerist ▶ Defined

Image #CANSWERISTS (aka cancer survivors or caregivers for same) have numerous social media locations to follow on Facebook and other popular sites.  Sometimes, I engage the contributors of posts with a comment about my own experience and what follows is an example of such an encounter.

My almost more than 5,000 followers on social media and blogs know very well that my major attraction to social media and microblogging had its origins with my 2006 DX with mantle cell lymphoma. This medium proved to be the best way to communicate my treatment progress during these last dozen years. For a native Floridian with family members residing coast-to-coast, blogs and social media are a godsend for communication.

Thanks to everyone who offered time to read and comment here. Truly, I don't know what the posts have done for you, but your presence has been helpful to me. Of course, the content reaches well beyond social media with more than 5,000 followers on a family of…

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Increasingly, medical science is able to test for risk factors for certain deadly diseases among the healthy population. The following account explains that use of that information remains an ethical issue for the medical professions that find and harvest such data, commonly known as genetic testing.

Video interview features a source from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK or MSKCC), a cancer treatment and research institution in New York City, founded in 1884 as the New York Cancer Hospital. Its main campus is located at 1275 York Avenue, between 67th and 68th Streets, in Manhattan. MSKCC, like my cancer treatment center City of Hope in Durate, CA, is a member-hospital of theNational Cancer Institute.

Watch the latest video at
VIA THIS KINDLE READ, “discover the answers to your family history mysteries using the most-cutting edge tool available. This plain-English guide is a one-stop resource for how to use DNA testing for genealogy. Inside, you'll find …

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CANswerWorth via @flipboard Personalized medicine is a medical model that separates patients into different groups-with medical decisions, practices, interventions and/or products being tailored to the individual patient based on their predicted response or risk of disease.
In 2001 the Human Genome Project succeeded in mapping the DNA of humans. This landmark accomplishment launched the field of genomics, the integrated study of all the genes in the human body and the related biomedical interventions that can be tailored to benefit a person's health.

Today genomics, part of a larger movement toward personalized medicine, is poised to revolutionize health care. By cross-referencing an individual's genetic sequence -- their genome -- against known elements of "Big Data," elements of genomics are already being incorporated on a widespread basis, including prenatal disease screening and targeted cancer treatments. With more inn…

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